Western Australian Voluntary Euthansia Society (WAVES) is now called Dying With Dignity Western Australia (DWDWA). 

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WAVES Membership

Make a difference
VOLUNTARY Euthanasia has been legalised and is operating successfully in several jurisdictions in the world providing surety and promise of a quick and gentle death for those legally qualified who have made this choice. To get to this stage has not been easy for any country.
Australia faces the same problems; it seems a hard journey is still ahead of us.
But, we will get there if we band together. Your support is important. It will help us to reach our goal: to get comprehensive VE legislation passed in Western Australia.
Any support you are able to provide, whether by becoming a Member, by responding to calls for action or by submitting a donation or bequest, is welcome.
After becoming a member you may want to become pro-active and join the Management Committee. We are currently in need of a Secretary and a Website Manager. If you feel you can make a difference, please, contact us.

Become a Member
Membership is open to all adult Western Australians, regardless of religion, culture or ethnic background, who support WAVES' Mission.

Our membership year runs from 1st of July to 30th of June.
Please complete WAVES’ Membership form (see below) or use the form provided in our newsletter and forward to us with your payment:

Att: Membership Secretary
PO Box 7243, Cloisters Square,
Perth WA 6850

The subscription rates are:

Standard Rates Pensioner / Student Rates

□ Single $ 20 □ Single $ 15
□ Double $ 30 □ Double $ 25
□ Life Single $ 200 □ Life Single $ 150
□ Life Double $ 300 □ Life Double $ 250

Payable to WAVES at the above address or at any BankWest branch:

Account: WAVES – BSB: 306-061 - Account No: 419 8239
If you use the Bank Direct option, we will still need your form for administrative purposes. If you require a receipt, lets us know - to save costs we only send them on request.
For any queries on your membership, contact Gaye Harvey on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Every new member receives a copy of our Living Will, a Wallet Card and a copy of our last newsletter, WAVES NEWS. If you do not want to be a member you can still get copies of the Living Will directive by sending your request, together with a small donation to cover printing and postage costs, to the above address and the directives will be forwarded to you.

Download :

Make a Donation
WAVES depends a great deal on donations and bequests, which it can legally accept. These gifts help finance costs and enable us to continue our important work. Unfortunately donations are not tax deductible.

One of the best ways to donate to WAVES is to remember us in your Will. You can make a Bequest in your Will without making a new Will by signing a short Codicil.

A Codicil is a simple legal form to make minor changes or additions to an existing Will. Once a Codicil has been signed and witnessed, it becomes part of the Will that it is amending.

For more complex changes to your Will, it is much safer (and recommended) that you re-write your Will to ensure your intentions are clear.

There is no need to change your Will or Codicil if you change your address. An old address can still be used to identify you. Don’t hand-write any change of address on your Will – it’s not necessary and it will invalidate your Will!

A Codicil must be typed, signed, dated and witnessed in accordance with the same formalities required to make a Will. If you fail to follow this, the changes you intend to make will not be effective and you increase the likelihood of your Will being contested or declared invalid.
Your Codicil needs to be signed and witnessed in exactly the same manner: you and your witnesses need to sign every page and your witnesses need to watch you sign your signature.
Your witnesses need to be independent, that is, they must NOT be beneficiaries of your Will or Codicil and should not be related to you. They do not have to be the same witnesses that signed your Will.
Wills and Codicils do not need to be lodged, just kept in a safe place. If you have a Codicil, make sure you attach it and keep it with your Will. It is also a good idea to tell your family members and Executor of your Will where you keep the Will and Codicil.

Again, it is much better to “revoke” (or cancel) your existing Will and make an entirely new one if your changes are extensive, to avoid any confusion. Please remember: you should NEVER change your Will by handwriting changes, making notes or striking out any gifts or bequests.
Do not write on your Will – it will invalidate it!


Become a Volunteer
If you are a member with some experience in office work - organisational or secretarial, website maintenance, newsletter publication, or confident in public speaking, lobbying … WAVES needs you!
All that is required is your commitment and dedication to our cause.

The Management Committee meets every third Wednesday of each month at Citiplace Community Centre (Central Railway Station, Perth) at 1.00 pm to discuss ongoing issues. They also have informal meetings when necessary.
One GM is held in May and the AGM in October each year.

The current positions on our Committee are:
* President
* Vice President
* Secretary
* Treasurer
* Newsletter Editor
* Committee members (6)
We have a vacancy for urgent consideration:
* Website Manager

The term in office is for a period of two years, which will be reviewed in 1915.

The work of our society requires input from all members in a position to serve and should not be left to the 'same old faces'. Any organisation can only be successful through the active support and participation of its members, so please consider becoming a volunteer if you can. It will be a rewarding experience.

Isn’t it true that 'many hands make light work' but also that 'many minds make for great ideas'? WAVES can use all the help it can get!

Letters To The WAVES Editor
Although the main purpose of WAVES' newsletter is to keep our members informed about current issues and local developments regarding voluntary euthanasia, it is also a useful tool to exchange ideas and experiences and to offer encouragement to others. Members are urged to make use of this resource and are invited to email their letters and other contributions to the WAVES Editor at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or mail them to our postal address, attention The Editor.
All letters intended for publication must include the writer's full name, home address and daytime telephone number. Please keep letters brief, max 250 words; articles max 600 words. The Editor reserves the right to edit if needed.