Western Australian Voluntary Euthansia Society (WAVES) is now called Dying With Dignity Western Australia (DWDWA). 

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WAVES Factsheets

There is much misunderstanding about voluntary euthanasia (VE). Some of this is the result of ignorance, lack of information or deliberate misrepresentation by conservative factions. These Factsheets provide information on various aspects. The aim is to educate and inform without prejudice to foster intelligent debate about this issue.

WAVES Factsheet 1 - Terminology
WAVES Factsheet 14 - How to lobby your MP
WAVES Factsheet 14a - How to write
WAVES Factsheet 14b - How to meet
WAVES Factsheet 14c - Tips for talking about VE
WAVES Factsheet 14d - Private Office vs Public Domain
WAVES Factsheet 14e - Tips for getting published

Please note:
The information in these factsheets is published in good faith. While precautions have been taken and efforts made to ensure the accuracy of the texts, WAVES assumes no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage that may result from any inaccuracy or omission in these publications, or from the use of the information contained in them.
Please let us know of any errors or omissions found. Additional information is much appreciated.