Western Australian Voluntary Euthansia Society (WAVES) is now called Dying With Dignity Western Australia (DWDWA). 

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How to find your Member of Parliament


When you want to write to Parliament to express your concern, it is best to send your letter (or email) to the members of Parliament who represent your area. It is their job to work for you, and they have a personal interest in doing this well - they need your vote!

Your representation in the WA Parliament


MLC – Member of the Legislative Council (Upper House in State Parliament)

Six seats are allocated for each of the sixElectoral Regions - total 36.

(Regions: North-, East-, South-Metropolitan Regions, South-West Region,

Agricultural Region, Mining & Pastoral Region).

MLA – Member of the Legislative Assembly (Lower House in State Parliament)

One seat isallocated for each of 59 Electoral Districts - total 59.

You are entitled to vote for 1 MLC and 1 MLA, and these are the people to whom you should write. Remember, they value your vote!

How does it work?

For example: if you live in the suburb of Dianella -

-    your District, which includes Dianella, would be ‘Mount Lawley’. This determines who your MLA is. (In this case, currently, Michael Sutherland - LIB)

-    your Region would be ‘East Metropolitan Region’, which includes District Mount Lawley. The MLC you choose to contact could be any one of the six available in the Region.

     (For example: Alison Xamon - GWA)

HOW do you find out …

… WHICH Region and District do you live in

-        Have you personal details ready (name, address, birthdate)

-        Ring the WA Electoral Commission – 136306

or:     www.waec.wa.gov.au ;

select <Check my enrolment> Follow instructions

… WHO is your representative in your Region (MLC) and District (MLA)

-        Ring the State Parliament office - 9222 7222

or:     www.parliament.wa.gov.au ;

select <Legislative Council> or <Legislative Assembly>;

select <Members>

Lists of members can be downloaded and saved on your PC.

Summary - Information on the Internet

The best source of current contact details is the Parliament of Western Australia website, as it is kept up-to-date: http://www.parliament.wa.gov.au/index.htm
It offers several options, including emails and mailing labels, etc.

You can also find your own State parliamentarians (with email addresses and mailing labels) at :   https://www.waec.wa.gov.au/check_enrolment/index.php
Optional on this website is a link to District & Region Maps  www.boundarieswa.com


HOW to communicate with your MP

For further tips about contacting your MP:                              

*     How to write  

*     How to meet

*     Tips for talking about VE

Using the MEDIA

Other ways to express your views and promote our cause:

*     Private Office vs Public Domain  

*     Tips for getting published                                                  

We encourage members of WAVES and the electorate generally to identify and contact their present and potential parliamentary representatives, to find out where they stand on VE law reform and to remind them of their pledge to represent their electorates and follow their wishes regarding voluntary euthanasia.