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This page reports current weekly news items relating to voluntary euthanasia which will be of interest to our members and readers.
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Media Watch – Week ending 17/7/2016
10 July 2016

- This is what the crossbench think about major issues. in The New Daily. There’s not much in the way of surprises here. First time I have seen Andrew Wilkie’s declared position. He’s a VAD supporter. And it confirms Pauline Hanson is also a supporter. As, of course is Derryn Hinch.

- Cory Taylor, Miles Franklin-nominated novelist whose last work was Dying: A Memoir. This was reported last week.

Also of Interest:
- Andrew Denton date for his presentation to the National press club is August 10 in Canberra: 'The Damage Done. The price our community pays without a law for assisted dying’. If you are in Canberra, this will be an event not to miss. It is not just for the Press. Lunch and entry available to the public (for around $85).

Media Watch – Week ending 10/7/2016
4 July
- ABC RN: No palliative reform: No death with dignity. Dr Rodney Syme hopes that changes to the laws in Victoria may also improve the palliative care regime. Why is it that under current practice, some terminally ill people must endure unimaginable pain for days and sometimes weeks, before they die.
- NT News: "On this day IN THE TERRITORY 20 YEARS AGO: Chief Minister Shane Stone yesterday defended his Government from an attack over euthanasia laws by the Pope. Mr Stone said the law was the will of a properly-elected parliament and the government had a responsibility to see it come into effect.” (Thanks to Judy Dent for this alert.)
5 July
6 July
- The Australian: US researchers find euthanasia is rare even when legal. By John Ross. Several of the world's foremost researchers in medical end-of-life matters have released a detailed and comprehensive review of the practice of assisted dying in lawful jurisdictions around the world. Published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, it does not support slippery slope hypotheses. If you can’t access The Australian, there is an excellent summary of the report on the Dying for Choice website.
- SMH: Why does it take the dying to remind us how to live well? Leah Kaminsky (physician & author) reacting to the plea of Cory Taylor, terminal cancer suffer and an advocate for open and honest discussion about all aspects of death. Before Taylor’s death, In a public forum, Kaminsky said: "as a physician I am the one who has to go home to sleep that night, after helping to kill you’. Then she reports: "Taylor’s feisty voice boomed down at me, did a lap of the room and entered the audience's heart. 'Killing me?! You are helping me fulfil a choice that is my absolute right.’ It blew open the topic to which I still have no answers”.
- ABC RN Conversations: Dying for beginners: Cory Taylor on facing death with honesty talks with Richard Fidler just before her death. Broadcast June 30. This is a summary. You can listen to the full interview here.
7 July
- The Age: More Victorians to be able to die at home under government plan to overhaul the state's strained and fragmented palliative care system within two years.
- Ballarat Courier: New framework for dying with dignity. The Vic. state government will provide $7.2 million to put in place the right infrastructure to allow more Victorians with a terminal illness to die at home, in line with their wishes.
8 July
- SMH: Obituary: Cory Taylor, Miles Franklin-nominated novelist whose last work was Dying: A Memoir
- Herald Sun: New books celebrate life while contemplating death. Extensive piece about Cory Taylor and her book “Dying” as well as the book/movie “Me Before You”
- Border Mail: End of life is an ‘essential’ conversation. Talking with her husband about his death was one of the hardest things Beechworth woman Lorna Nash has done, but it was an essential conversation that provided clarity.
9 July
- SMH & The Age: YourVote survey sends strong message on what voters care about. By Catherine Armitage. "Analysis of more than 270,000 responses on 30 issues (of Fairfax Media's YourVote survey) confirms a disconnect between voters and the main political parties .... There was strong consensus among voters on issues perceived as divisive such as euthanasia…. voters' opinions aligned with neither of the major parties...the 80 per cent agreement with the statement that terminally ill people should be able to end their own lives with medical assistance suggests the euthanasia issue may have lost its former presumed political toxicity. It may have shifted from the "too hard" political territory reserved for conscience issues to become a reasonable prospect for legislative attention."

Also of Interest:
- On Q&A on Monday night three of the panel of five are moderate to very strong VAD supporters - Derryn Hinch, Steve Price and Tanya Plibersek. Unfortunately however, given the topic "The pursuit of "jobs and growth” it would seem to preclude any extension into a question on VAD.
- The Victorian Department of Health and Human Services has released a position paper for their proposed act to simplify legislation regarding medical treatment decision making. Until July 29, they are seeking feedback from the public to get their views on the best ways to plan for and implement the proposed Act. Responses can be emailed to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . (Thanks to Tyrell Mills DWDvic for this alert.)
- Foxtel is showing Last Cab to Darwin, the movie made in 2015 starring Michael Caton and Jacki Weaver. Dates are July 17, 18, 25 and 27 Foxtel Movies Premier Channel (Channel 401 and 2 hours later on 411) Thanks to iolanda DWDnsw for this alert

Media Watch – Week ending 3/7/2016
26 June
- Federal election 2016: Greens promise 'right to die' bill | HeraldSun
Greens leader Richard Di Natale will today join fellow doctor and former Greens leader Bob Brown to unveil the party's radical plan for a “Dying With Dignity” ...
27 June
- Federal election 2016: Greens want free vote on euthanasia
Euthanasia and assisted suicide is legal in The Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Germany, Japan and several US states. Greens founder Bob Brown said that …
Greens want euthanasia reassessment - Sky News
The Greens will again push to legalise euthanasia in the next federal parliament.
Greens to again push for euthanasia laws - 9news.com.au
www.9news.com.au › national
The Greens have repeatedly tried to legalise euthanasia in Australia and they'll push ahead with the campaign during the next parliament.
Dying with dignity - Network Ten
You're watching The Project Dying with dignity Less than a week out from the polls euthanasia has been put firmly back on the agenda. We spoke with Greens … (I think Rodney Syme makes an appearance on this one.)
Politics | The Saturday Paper
Article by Rodney Syme. A Victorian parliamentary inquiry's recommendation that assisted dying be legalised may also lead to welcome changes in palliative care practices.
Over one third of elderly hospital patients kept alive with futile ... - SBS
... doesn't always expand our freedoms, sometimes it limits them. In the debate of physician-assisted suicide, having more choices may lead to less freedom.
Doctors, family often afraid to let elderly die with dignity - The Australian
. for miracle cures, have fuelled an international culture of over-servicing that introduces unnecessary suffering and prevents people from dying with dignity.

Family cleared of wrongdoing | Bendigo Advertiser
The 86-year-old had studied assisted suicide for seven years through Exit International. She had planned her own death in her Spring Gully (Vic.) home, sourcing the ..
Also in Illawarra Mercury, Bendigo Advertiser, Parkes Champion-Post, Blacktown Sun, Parramatta Sun,The Murray Valley Standard, The Courier and at least 4 other Regionals.
Election 2016: Lyne candidates respond to questions from our readers ...
If a bill supporting voluntary assisted dying is brought before the Australian House of Representatives, are you likely to support it? THEIR ANSWERS:.
- FBN interviews Chris Crewther – Liberal Candidate for ... - Melbourne
about dying with dignity, compassion and minimal pain. We believe people should have access to quality palliative care and relief from pain and. suffering, and …

28 June
- Cory Taylor on dying for beginners - ABC Conversations with Richard Fidler...
Cory is an Australian writer. By the time Cory's skin cancer was detected in 2005, the disease was so advanced there was no hope she would survive it. At first unwilling to accept the diagnosis, Cory kept it from friends and family. She put her energies to long-delayed writing projects, publishing two award-winning novels: Me and Mr Booker, and My Beautiful Enemy. In later years, Cory has made facing death her project; and come to find it fascinating. She hopes her final work, a memoir, will trigger more open and honest conversations about how we die. Now in the last phase of her illness, Cory invited Richard to her home to record this interview.
- Letter to the Editor | Port Stephens Examiner
Is this democracy? I always thought democracy meant we had a personal freedom to enjoy life as one would wish – provided it did not override or interfere with the personal rights of others. I believed this basic principle was worth protecting, even by going to war. As I look at the current political system, I question; ‘do we have a democracy or is it an oligarchy? The present system fails many of us and violates the human rights of many decent citizens. Some examples are compulsory voting, denying the terminally ill the right to legal voluntary-assisted dying with dignity and denying same-sex couples the right to legal marriage. None of these satisfy my opinion as to what democracy is. H Andrei, Eagleton

29 June
- The Age: Why it is right to legalise physician-assisted death. Rodney Syme response to the opinion piece the previous week by Peter Hudson
- ABC 774: Revisiting the Inquiry into End of Life Choices Report Dr. Rodney Syme talks about End of Life Choices and assisted dying. The segment starts early in the piece at the 1 minute 45 mark. He discusses:
• The strength of the Inquiry report
• The differences between the terms suicide and assisted dying
• The differences between his views (and those of the DWDV organisation) and Philip Nitschke
• Advanced care planning and advanced care directives
Sex Party and micro players give Australians polling choice - The West ...
Among its policies, it advocates for nationally consistent age of consent laws, the decriminalisation of sex work and voluntary assisted dying.
The Australia Sex Party release new musical video as part of their ...
Tom Elliott speaks with Meredith Doig, (Sex Party Candidate and DWDvic committee member) about a range of policies including legalising physician assisted dying. Removing tax exemptions for religions/ churches. Stopping off-shore processing of asylum seekers.
Geoff Brock seeks community comments on Voluntary Euthanasia
The Voluntary Euthanasia Bill was reintroduced for debate in south Aust. Parliament in April and Geoff is asking his Constituency to contact his office and provide their views ...

30 June
'I have terminal cancer and this is what a movie taught me about dying ...
www.mamamia.com.au › Relationships › Loss and grief
I am writing this as a 24 year old, who knows she is dying, who has actively thought about whether assisted suicide or 'dying with dignity' would be an option I …

Podcasts | 104.1 Territory FM
Minister Malcolm Turnbull talks with Daryl Manzie and at the end of the interview (about 7.5 mins mark) tells listeners that if the Turnbull government is re-elected they have no plans to hand back the power to the Territories to legalise euthanasia.

Euthanasia laws imminent in Aust: Nitschke
Yahoo7 News‎ - Jun 30, 2016
Euthanasia campaigner Dr Philip Nitschke says there is soon likely to be euthanasia legislation passed in ...

1 July
- No palliative reform: No death with dignity - Counterpoint - ABC Radio ...
Guests. Dr Rodney Syme: Vice-President of Dying With Dignity Victoria. Credits. Presenter: Amanda Vanstone; Producer: Mike Woods. Counterpoint Image.
Federal election: Final pitch from the Liberal Democrats | Grafton Daily ...
Legalising assisted suicide. Ensuring firearm laws only penalise criminals. Restoring rights to property owners, including whether to remove trees and permit …
Denton to share insights | Port Macquarie News
A popular media personality will speak at a Port Macquarie event about the assisted dying debate. Dying with Dignity NSW Port Macquarie Group convener Annie Quadroy said it was a massive coup to secure Denton to speak in Port Macquarie.
The Project - Facebook logo
Excellent discussion with Andrew Denton and Jimmy Barnes talking about voluntary assisted dying & what Australia should be doing # TheProjectTV ·

- NT News: On this day IN THE TERRITORY 10 YEARS AGO: The NT parliament created the world’s first euthanasia law but it will not be marking the 10th anniversary of the historic feat. NT Speaker Jane Aagaard has refused a request to mark the 10th anniversary tomorrow of the legislation. (Thanks to Judy Dent for this alert)

- NT News: No ‘right to die’ support. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will not support voluntary euthanasia laws. Territory FM mornings host Darryl Manzie asked the PM yesterday wether he’d support legislation that would allow people to “die with dignity”. “At this stage no, it’s an issue that comes around from time to time but we have no plans to change our policy on that,” Mr Turnbull said. Mr Manzie said 80 per cent of Territorians supported voluntary euthanasia legislation. The Rights of the Terminally Ill Bill was passed in 1995 and came into effect in July 1996. The next year the law was repealed after a Bill took away territories’ rights to make laws around euthanasia. (Thanks to Judy Dent for this alert)

2 July

Turnbull Still Turns In Votes Despite A 'Disappointed' Wentworth
.. the surprising underdog surging into the public interest was Shayne Higson of the Voluntary Euthanasia Party, with NSW senate candidates sparking some interest with senior electors.

Also of Interest:
Euthanasia will make a comeback, claims controversial pioneer ...
www.nursingreview.com.au › News
Euthanasia will make a comeback, claims controversial pioneer ... Territory enacted world-first laws legalising euthanasia, an ageing Australian population is .