Western Australian Voluntary Euthansia Society (WAVES) is now called Dying With Dignity Western Australia (DWDWA). 

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WAVES is an incorporated not-for-profit organisation, founded in 1980 by members of the community who believed that every mentally competent person should, with appropriate safeguards, have a legal right to determine the time and manner of his or her death (voluntary euthanasia) and that a medical practitioner should be able to carry out this request.

The Society represents a wide range of people, who support its work through membership fees, donations and bequests. It is run entirely by volunteers. It is a member of the “World Federation of Right to Die Societies”.


“To bring about such changes to Western Australian Statute Law and to medical ethics as will allow a person to receive medically assisted euthanasia under circumstances specified by him or her when legally competent to make such a choice.”


The Society undertakes the following activities:

  • Provide information to members and the community regarding voluntary euthanasia issues.
  • Hold public meetings to discuss dying with dignity matters.
  • Publish a periodical newsletter entitled  “WAVES NEWS”.
  • Issue a 'Living Will' form to members, for them to register personal wishes regarding the circumstances of their own death.
  • Inform and lobby leaders/members of the medical profession and political parties.
  • Conduct lectures and debates to interested groups throughout WA on the subject of voluntary euthanasia.
  • Liaise with national and international Voluntary Euthanasia, or Dying With Dignity organisations and the media.
  • Attend local, national and overseas forums on VE issues.
  • Provide information on governmental legislative requirements relating to voluntary euthanasia .


WAVES does not prescribe or issue medications or actively assist anyone to end their lives.